Speakeasy, a natural language processor for node

I've been working lately on nodebot, a helper robot written for node.js. It's forced me to learn quite a few new skills, one of which being natural language processing.

This project has been in the works for quite a while now and it suffers from a bit of bloat. To battle this I have begun to pull elements of it into seperate modules. The first of which is SpeakEasy, a natural language processor.

The aim of the project isn't to be the Natural Language Toolkit, there is a wonderful project with this goal. However it does perform some rather useful task such as calculate sentiment and draw basic meaning out of statements. Check out some sample code:

Pretty neat eh? I have to admit it's a ton of fun to play with. Take a look at nodebot or the new twittermap for some nice examples of what's posssible.

Also checkout the project on Github.